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Totlandia: The Onesies, Book 4 - Josie Brown
So spring has turned to summer and the moms on probation have completed all of the challenges put forth by Bettina, the sadistic leader of the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club.  Ally and Jillian have launched a pie shop that is turning around Jillian's life.  Jade has managed to keep her history secret - or so she thinks.  Lorna has accepted that her son has Autism but won't quit the club because she has seen him respond so well to the small interactions there.   And then, all hell breaks loose.  
When Bettina confronts Ally about her fake marriage to Barry,  she kicks her out of the club and when Jade is confronted by the other moms, she admits that she told Ally's secret.  Barry,  a determined lawyer, Ally's neighbor and sperm donor, try to help her get over the loss of membership, he confronts Bettina in a unplanned meeting at an art museum.  He threatens to take down the whole group because of their unfair rules and procedures.  The other side of this coin is what is going on with Jade.  She has pissed off her ex by her betrayal of Ally and now her secret is known to Bettina, but she has no clue. 
Even though all of these women have joined this club to ensure success for their children, they are finding that the club may not be all that wonderful for them.  This one ends with a spectacular cliffhanger that will be driving me up the wall for the next three months.  These books have everything right.  There is fast dialogue, a bit of naughty situations, wonderful descriptions of how the other half lives and fast paced.  These should really be a television series.  Maybe Netflix is listening to me?  


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