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Seven Deadlies: A Cautionary Tale - Gigi Levangie Grazer



Perry Gonzales is a scholarship student at an elite Beverly Hills private school with her sights set on an elite college.  The story is told in the form of letters to the admissions officer there and with wonderfully dark humor that will appeal to adults as much as it will to teens.  Perry has built a business as a tutor and somewhat babysitter to the kids she attends school with, discovering their "sins" and telling their cautionary tale so that others might learn from their mistakes.  She explores all of the deadliest sins with elements that will make any freshman gasp with immediate comprehension.


Wrath is my particular favorite where the oldest son finds such anger when his mother gives birth to twins that he cannot be trusted to be alone with them, so his mother hires Perry so she can get an hour or two of sleep.  But being angry does have consequences and in this case, they are quite dire.  Lust takes the form of a teen so spoiled that she does everything in her power, from hunger to breathing strikes, to have the Judas Brothers perform just for her.  Pride takes a parent's demand for absolute perfection creates absolute devastation for perfect scholar/athlete.  Greed, of course, has a horrible ending as well as envy, gluttony and sloth proving that karma always comes back.


I fell in love with Perry's voice and her relationship with her mother.  As a single mother, Ylena Marie, works as a nurse to support her daughter and gives no quarter.  Whenever Perry finds she cannot cope or resolve an issue, her mother is there with wisdom and just the right words. The ending really caught me off guard with a big surprise.  I was also excited to see that this book has been optioned by MTV which is wonderful news since my favorite show, Awkward, plays along the same lines with a very cerebral main character.  Well, now that I have officially read every book Gigi has written, it is time for me to look to next year when I better get another one!


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