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Georgetown Academy: Book Four - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting Well, book three left me hanging a bit when important news breaks that the vice president is going to resign and the race is down to two important players: Taryn's dad and Ellie's mom. Will these girls keep it together while under going even more media scrutiny, not to mention intense background checks? Ellie must decide whether she can live without Gabe as not to ruin her mother's chance at a moment in history, while Taryn is thrown more into the arms of Brinley and her family. As Taryn's dad has hired Brinley's father to navigate the sharky waters of the nomination, she must learn how to act properly in Washington society. Brinley has completely turned herself around and while still searching for who released the picture of Gabe and Ellie, she finds that her family is not as caring as she thinks. Evan is now in the in-crowd since her relationship with Hunter is now public, but it all goes awry when she starts thinking with her heart instead of being her usual cautious self.Wow, just WOW. This is probably the most fun read ever! The pacing, character development and dialogue woven in with fashion and location are just phenomenal. The characters continue to grow and develop and it is really wonderful that you can get the point of view for each interaction with the interactive function in this book. For adults who wouldn't be caught dead watching the CW, this should be your new guilty pleasure. Fill up your eReader with this series and take off to the beach, but prepare to for the sunburn to come once your forget about the time. Again, Parents, there is language, drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations but nothing worse than what is on television anymore.

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