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Georgetown Academy: Book One - Jessica Koosed Etting,  Alyssa Embree Schwartz MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITBrinley, the queen bee of Georgetown Academy, an elite prep school for Washington's elite, is starting off the school year by getting her classmates in social order with the help of her boyfriend, the son of the Vice-President. Her best friend, Ellie, is the daughter of a powerful senator but her boy friend, Hunter is the son of her mother's political enemy. Taryn, has just transferred in from California, with her father set to be the first Hispanic President and she is about to learn that the stakes are higher in this backstabbing arena of global power. Evan is a bookworm that gets her shot as an intern at a highly political television show.Much like Gossip Girl, this cast has a lot to lose if the the rumors get out of their social circle and could be devastating on a national level for their parents careers. When Brinley decides to take down newcomer, Taryn by starting a rumor about her trading sex for drugs, she sets off a chain of events that can only end in heartbreak for all involved. Secretly, I have a death wish for Brinley unless she redeems herself in upcoming installments. Taryn is so down to earth and you feel like she has been thrown into the deep end of a pool of sharks but I have high hopes for her coming out on top. There are so many little subplots in this first one, that it could take multiple episodes to resolve.Remember those cool "Choose your own adventure" novels back in grade school? You had to flip the pages to get to the next section and the story could go in one of many directions depending on the character you chose to follow and what you decide they should do. Well, this takes that to the next level. Taking advantage of technology, you can click on a link to pick your character and action! I admit, I did cheat a bit and read each character's detour. This is such a fun and quick read that anyone will love to get their hands on. Parents: there is kissing, mentions of drug use, and some language.

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