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Ex Girlfriends United - Matt Dunn Dan is a low rung TV star that has just landed his perfect role in a soap opera. He finds woman are not throwing themselves at him as they should be with his new found glory. His friend Ed finds him on a dating website that lets you rate your date and all of his previous dates have given him a ONE out of ten.. Dan enlists Ed to help him clean up his online persona and through a series of missteps that aren't quite honest, he learns that he must be truthful with himself to right everything. The story is told from the point of view of Ed which leads to very original observations and a lot of very funny one liners. Ed's girlfriend, Sam, provides a great counterpoint to the whole situation especially when his ex arrives on the scene. There are some really sweet moments when Dan realizes that Polly is the "girl who got away" and he works on his issues to win her back.This is chick lit from the mind of a man and really hits the mark. I haven't read The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook, but I guess I will have to now since this really exceeded my expectations. It is nice to have a romance like this told from a male viewpoint. It is a wonderful story about second chances. If you have read and adored Nick Hornby like I have, you are going to love Matt Dunn.

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