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Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions - Steve  Dale,  Betty White,  Victoria Stilwell,  Sheldon Rubin MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThis is the perfect book for any dog owner whether they have a problem or perfect dog. The author provides wonderful insights and ideas to help understand your pet a bit better. Written in a question and answer form, this easy to follow guide will help you find the issue easily and comprehend what your is happening with your dog. It covers everything from aggression to training in friendly and conversational articles that should help with even the most difficult problem. I have a dachshund and they are notoriously difficult to train. She is actually well behaved but she still has a few issues I want to correct. With fragile backs, dachshunds shouldn't jump and I bought her doggie stairs to help her move from the bed to the floor since she loves to take a flying leap off the top. She would not have anything to do with these stairs, so I used Dale's method of positive reinforcement and she now bounds up and down them with ease. There are lots of other helpful insights and tips into dog behavior as well as the usual potty and leash training tips.

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