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Quinn (Wyoming Sky, #1) - R.C. Ryan MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThe story takes us to Quinn, the eldest of the three Conway boys and since his mother disappeared when they were kids, has taken the brunt of the abandonment. So when Quinn, who loves nature and all it's creatures finds one of his now adult wolf pups dead, he blames the nearby rancher, Cheyenne. She had good reason to believe that this wold was killing her cattle. Cute meet? I guess for the ranching world, this is normal. The pair find common ground even though they seem to be opposites. There is a lot of drama building with Cheyenne and you wonder if she is strong enough to pull through this latest development in her life. Overall, a great romance that takes this cowboy story in a new direction. For some reason, I was really reminded of parts of Little House on the Prairie where one calamity after another seems to follow the Wilder family.

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