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The Candidate - Josie Brown MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITBen is a Democratic political consultant, with his career quickly unraveling, when he gets a phone call from a Republican candidate. After seeing himself on all the cable news shows as essentially a loser, he takes the position with Andrew Harris Mansfield, directing the young, superstar senator's quest for the presidency. Andrew's wife, Abby, has a trust fund equivalent to a small nation. Abby is actually the one who wants Ben on their side and with wise counsel to her husband, they are the perfect political couple with no known skeletons. As Ben becomes closer to the couple, he discovers the girl he is lusting after is actually Abby's twin sister, Maddy. Ben is told to leave Maddy alone, both by Abby and Ben, although he can't figure out why. Maddy has a bad girl past and even she doesn't want a serious relationship. He also finds that she has an old boyfriend lurking in the wings. As the pair become closer, he also becomes the victim of a hacking scandal by the current Vice President (think evil Cheney), also on the campaign trail. Ok, I just gave away a bit of the plot detail here but the twists and turns of this one will make you want to read this one quickly. The hacking scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. Everything seems so true to life, especially with what is happening with all of the leaks in the news right now. This is amazing. I always think I know where a plot like this is going, you know, identical twins, evil Vice President, but this caught me way off guard. I was surprised by the turns this one took. If you have never read a book by Brown before, you need to and this would be an excellent start. I adore all of her books and she can take characters to places most authors only dream about. I am really glad that she seems to put something out every three months or so since I would really have withdrawals.

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