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Always (Always, #1) - D.M. Yates MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITSimon, an antique collector, and his best friend, Dixon, a local newspaper publisher have always been close. When Dixon discovers that Simon owns an estate in the English countryside with some strange history, the first thing Simon thinks about is the money that it is worth. April, Dixon's young cousin, has met a girl from that village who claims she is a witch and has foretold that April is to help Simon find his true love. Although there is 20 or so years between the two, April has always been attracted to Simon, which according to the witch has been for always. The story flips back to Simon's ancestors that originally dwelt in the estate.I really enjoyed this romance that incorporates reincarnation as a theme. The age difference between April and Simon seemed to be erased as the story progressed. I sort of disliked Simon at first since he seemed all about money, while Dixon has such a fun and amazing family and outlook on life. As he discovered more about himself and his past, he became more likable. This is a great read for those of you looking for something a bit different with a bit of spiritual twist.

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