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Left Neglected - Lisa Genova Sarah has an MBA from Harvard, a lovely family and an overwhelmingly busy life. When she gets distracted while driving, she ends up in an accident that causes her life to take a new direction and literally reprogram her brain to make up for the left part that doesn't function. She finds what truly matters. She reconnects with her distant mother when her insurance runs out, she learns to live in a new and different way and once her son is diagnosed with ADHD, she must truly rethink her priorities. This is such a cautionary tale for the countries' overworked mothers that are expected to be and do everything. I really wanted to dislike Sarah, but Genova makes that impossible. All of the characters in the story have flaws, but they come together when it is important. Sarah's mother, distant when her son dies at a young age, actually turns out to be someone so sympathetic that you can't fault her for ignoring Sarah while she was growing up and the despair she feels has overwhelmed her. The part where Sarah reconnects with her mother is just beautifully written. While Sarah tries to overcome her Left Neglect brain issues, she finds out what is truly important. It is amazing how much one can overcome when a family comes together.

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