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Little Billy's Letters: An Incorrigible Inner Child's Correspondence with the Famous, Infamous, and Just Plain Bewildered - Bill Geerhart, William D. Geerhart Rarely does a book enter my house and then disappears from my desk so quickly that I don't get to read it first. That is what happened when I got Little Billy's Letters. First my husband grabbed it and then my son got to it. I finally had to steal it back. So here it is: a book that is suitable for the whole family. Well, only if you live in the Manson family or one like mine. You need to buy a copy for each member of family though so there is no fighting over it.This book is pure creative genius! I don't think I have laughed so hard that I have had to put a book down and come back to it only to find something else just as funny. I think my favorite part were the letters from the serial killers. They are a little sad at the same time though. I highly recommend this book and it also makes a great gift. I am going to buy additional copies as gifts. Thanks Bill all of my holiday shopping is done!

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