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Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog - Susannah Charleson This is the first book about a dog that hasn't made me cry and I get teary while reading most dog books. This is a fearless look at life and what happens when you decide to help other people. Susannah Charleston doesn't mention how she really earns a living and pays for all that dog food, but you get the feeling that she would scrub floors to keep her rescue dogs well fed and in good health. Yes, she has a search and rescue dog and several cute little Poms that she has taken in as well. The story mostly centers around her Golden Retriever Puzzle and what it took to be a certified search and rescue (SAR) dog. The training seems much more grueling for the human part of this team rather than the dog.This book is so uplifting and tells such a good story about the goodness of people in general, that someone would make the time and take the effort just to help others. I can tell that the training helped the author overcome her own difficulties as well by creating this much commendable service in her life. I just finished A Dog's Purpose by Bruce Cameron which is a fictional account of SAR from a dog's point of view and it appears that both the human and dog are worthy of our praise. This book is a real must for dog and memoir fans.

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