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Masked - Lou Anders, Matthew Sturges, Mark Chadbourn, Marjorie M. Liu, Ian McDonald, Bill Willingham, James Maxey, Paul Cornell, Mike Carey, Mike Baron, Daryl Gregory, Gail Simone, Stephen Baxter, Chris Roberson, Peter David, Kathleen David, Joseph Mallozzi This is a really fun read and perfect for summer when novels can be overwhelming. You can pick this up and read a story in an hour, put it down and then read another one. The short stories of this anthology are all based on super heroes of some sort. I have to say my absolute favorite one is Head Cases by Peter David and Kathleen David. The story revolves around a group of friends that meet in a bar and all have some sort of super power. It is just a perfect take on young adult angst and how even having a super power can be a cross to bear.

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