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Waxed - Robert Rave Take three sisters, add some issues and then stick the whole mess together with some wax and you get a wonderful story. The story take place with the glamorous background of New York City and follows the three sisters through a trying time in each of their lives. I wonder if this might be based on the "J" sisters of waxing fame? The main story line of the book is that family knows your secrets and they are always there no matter what.Caroline: Oldest, overachieving and somewhat cold. I think she puts on this front to distance herself from everyone and blames all of her problems on her flighty mother. She does come around towards the end when she has to make difficult decisions.Anna: Middle sister, newly divorced and a child with gender issues. She finds herself and of all the characters, Anna grows the most. Through the help of an aging socialite, she comes into her own and finds strength and love. Sofia: Youngest and immature. She definitely matures when she finds out the gay man she is playing with turns out to be the other woman (or should I say man?). She is my favorite of all of the sisters. I really enjoyed reading this one. It is the perfect beach read with fun and snarky dialogue. I never thought a male could write a decent chick lit book, but Mr. Rave has surprised me nicely. There were some surprising moments in the book and I think I would enjoy a follow up to this one. Now, on to find SPIN since I love the author's writing style. I hope there are many more books to come from Robert Rave. RAVE ON!

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