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Seduced by a Highlander - Paula Quinn This is the second book in the Children of the Mist series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first one. After reading this you will be thinking about exactly what is under a Highlander's kilt, seriously, there are some hot moments in this book. Tristan is just that hot and we first heard about him in Ravished by a Highlander . and Isobel becomes the perfect foil for his smoothness. Isobel, what can I say? I think we all have a bit of Isobel in us, it just shows more in others. I think the best part of this book is the chemistry between the two.Of course, Tristan and Isobel are not meant for each other, since their families are enemies but the way they move towards each and evolve into a couple is magic! I am always amazed at the detail and historical accuracy in Paula Quinn's books. I think this series is off to a wonderful start in this second story. This is the perfect summer read and will make a wonderful day at the beach, although I think it might heat you up more than the sun.

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