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Last to Die - Kate Brady WOW! This is one fast paced story and I don't think I took a breath while reading this one. Dani Cole is a detective tracking down a serial killer who is murdering ex prostitutes and the investigation throws her into the path of an old flame, Mitch Sheridan. Mitch is rich, worldly and sexy while Dani is a workaholic in order to avoid her own personal issues. They both have so many personal issues that drove them apart in the first place only to be thrown together again because of a murder and part of the suspense is seeing the two of them overcoming their history. I really enjoyed the fact that both main characters are really fleshed out and believable.I haven't read the first book in the Sheridan series, One Scream Away, but now I plan on it. I don't think I missed out on not reading since Dani is pretty well explained in Last to Die. There is a twist in the story that totally caught me off guard and I love it when that happens. I usually try to guess who did it and thought I figured it out, but missed it. Brady also has a wicked way with dialogue and the descriptions are to the point and blend together perfectly. I really recommend this one to those who enjoy Nancy Bush or Sharon Sala.

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