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Jane: a modern retelling of Jane Eyre - April Lindner I adored Jane Eyre, so this story done with a washed up rock star as Mr. Rochester seemed a natural for me. Of course, just like the original this one had me in tears in several parts, but I like a book that makes you feel some sort of emotion. I always think the author has done an exceptional job if they can create emotions with their written word. The story follows the original plot of Jane Eyre with a few modern twists. Jane is still fiercely independent and trying to overcome the horrors of her childhood.I thought the recasting of Mr. Rochester as a rock star was a stroke of genius. I mean who else can convey the moodiness of a current character better than a rock star. There is no questioning why Nico Rathburn is almost bipolar than to make him a musical artist. Jane comes off vulnerable, yet still strong and develops in a way that she does become Nico's true love. She doesn't fall into the trap of Rock Star Groupie, but becomes something more. There are elements of drug abuse and sexual relations so this one is best suited for older teens. Another rock star romance that I can really recommend!

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