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Blood Trinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love I want to be Evalle. I want her dialog, her ability to kick butt and most of her name. I mean, I was pronouncing it correctly while reading it, but when you could mispronounce it as "evil", well, that sold me. I just finished it and now I want the next in the series, but will probably have to wait a year. Quinn is an excellent foil to Evalle and sounds really hunky. As with all new urban fantasy novels, world building is the set up for the series. This one went rather quickly. I did have some trouble with the names and pronunciations. Maybe in the next book, there will be an index or reference guide to help me through them.The demons (bad guys) are really done with a lot of humor. They are described as all having terrible scents and you can easily imagine a rotten egg or garbage smell. That really added an extra dimension to the story. Or course, Evalle has a quest and finds herself constantly in harms way. She is just developing her powers and it will be interesting to see where they lead. Overall, one of the best urban fantasy books I have read in awhile.I did receive this book from the publisher for review and my one minor complaint about a possible index was address by Dianna Love. I am really impressed with the caring attitude of this author. YAY!for concerned authors. Here is what Dianna posted on my blog:Hi Mary -I know the book was sent late to you, so a huge thanks for reading so quickly. We're glad you enjoyed it and I will make sure we both get a list of names with pronunciations up on our sites soon (I'm in the middle of rebuilding mine so it may be in Dec or Jan). I'll discuss adding the list to the next book, too.Thanks again for blogging about Blood Trinity!

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