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How Music Works: The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds, from Beethoven to the Beatles and Beyond - John        Powell This book is so appealing on so many different levels. A lot of times, any book that deals with technical subjects become dry and boring. How Music Works is easy to read and very enjoyable. There is so much wonderful snarky, English humor that you don't even realize you are learning something. Even if you are a casual fan of music, you will find some eye opening facts in here, such as why you hear those discordant sounds at the beginning of an orchestral concert. They are tuning all of the instruments to the same key! I have spent most of my life around musicians and I don't think even they could explain some of the things in this book. There are wonderful illustration as well as a lot of interesting facts. I mean, how else could you learn the true meaning of decibels or how loud is too loud? This would make an excellent gift for anyone who love music or thrives on trivia.

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