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My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent I finished My Soul to Keep right before I read this one and it is wonderful to see the continuity in the story. Each chapter builds upon the next. I sort of wish I had read the blurb above before I started the story since I was just as mystified as Kaylee about Sabine's identity. Just one tiny spoiler here: Sabine isn't really after Kaylee, nor is she as bad as you think she is. Oh, how I wish I could spill the beans on this one. This story will have you staying up late just to find out all of the details. Seriously, you may have to stop everything in your life to finish it.The story reminds my why I adored the first book in the series. There was somewhat of a sophomore slump with the last two books, but this one rocks! The main twist to this book is Sabine. She is just the spark that sets everything in motion. All of your favorite evil bad guys are here as well. If you keep up with this series, I won't have to name names. There are of course a few sexual situations and substance abuse issues here, but they are dealt with in a mature and responsible fashion. This series is best for those over 14 years old.

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