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On Maggie's Watch - Ann Wertz Garvin This book will strike a chord with women everywhere. Especially those who have been pregnant and understand the bizarre thought process that occurs during this special time. From my own experience, pregnant women are not always rational and the hormonal tidal wave that happens to your body seems to enhance thoughts that would normally be dismissed. And there you have Maggie in a nutshell. Maggie is pregnant again after losing her first child and the obsession over keeping this new baby safe overcomes her rationality. Maggie restarts the local neighborhood watch and finds a predator among them. Of course, Maggie, not knowing all the details, jumps head first into wacky attempts at trying to remove the offending person.Garvin does a splendid job of portraying Maggie's issues without making us pity her or wanting to kill her off. There is such a fine line that between those two and I loved how the author develops Maggie into someone we understand and cheer. This plot line is unique and filled with believable characters. Julia, Maggie's best friend, tries her best to keep Maggie somewhat on a rational track and her wisecracking is just pure fun. Maggie's mother lets her daughter learn from her mistakes instead of trying to fix everything. which probably would have been the easiest route. There are two major men in Maggie's life as well, but I am going to make you go buy a copy to find out about the details.If you like Cathy Lamb, you will love this one!

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