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Beyond Beautiful - Jan Bornstein This romance series follows Jenna and Scott, both stars in their own right through a turbulent love affair with all of the trappings of life on the road. You get to be back stage and view life on the road from these two who make music for a living. I have to say that the series seems to accurately depict this lifestyle of two more mature rock stars. Scott is over his hell-raising days and ready to settle down, while Jenna is not sure about what she wants until she ends up pregnant by a NFL player. Discovering her maternal instincts and then losing the baby while reunited with Scott causes both of them to reevaluate their lifestyles.Of course, there are the usual set back with unstable groupies, band politics and the nonstop lifestyle, the two make an awesome pair. The writing makes you want to read every word and there are enough little twists and turns to keep it interesting. My favorite characters are actually two minor ones: Linda, Jenna's mom and Joe, Scott's Dad. Joe has some of the best wise cracking in the whole book. They both provide stability to the crazy lifestyle that their children live. My only complaint about their books is that the covers seem dated.

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