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An Object of Beauty - Steve Martin I normally tear through Steve Martin's stories, but this one had a lot of information about international art trade and the New York art scene. I really had to absorb the information to understand all of the plot points. The story revolves around Lacey and I am not really sure if she is good or bad, so I suppose like most people she has a bit of both. Daniel is more of a narrator than actual character although he does tell the story from an observer's point of view and acts as a voice of reason even when he finds Lacey has used him in one of her schemes. A key point that is when Lacey finds out the biggest new name in art is a former boyfriend using the moniker of Pilot Mouse and of course Lacey uses that to her advantage, playing upon the giant egos that exist when money and objects collide. Martin lampoons people who buy art for no other reason than to own it. He explained this syndrome rather well when he appeared on the Colbert Report recently. This is overall of Martin's more in depth books and it is well worth reading.

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