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To Have Not - Frances Lefkowitz Frances Lefkowitz has every right to be bitter and unhappy. She grew up with little or no supervision, none of the luxuries like regular meals or clean clothes that most kids experience and yet she was resilient. Although she could have easily used her broken family and lack of money as an excuse, she uses it to drive her to the next level. After being bused to a better school, she truly learns the difference in what she thinks is normal and what the people actually have. They have food, a safe environment, clean clothes, and shelter. This memoir really hit a nerve with me. She relates all of the horrible things that happened to her with wit and humor. She never loses sight of her goal to become a "have". Lefkowitz gets that all important scholarship to an East Coast University and seems to use her drive to work more and longer in an effort to block out the horrible things that happened during her childhood. I don't think anyone can really, truly imagine what living in Section 8 housing with food stamps unless they have done it themselves.This book probably shouldn't have made me smile as much as did given the author's circumstances, but I fell in love with the writing style and how she showed that even the darkest points in her life had some light, even her bout with depression. I would really like a massive tell all from her with all the details about her rock and roll dalliances that she touches on a bit. That part seemed like the tip of the iceberg to me. Maybe that is next?

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