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13 rue Thérèse - Elena Mauli Shapiro This is a beautifully illustrated story that forces the reader to use their imagination. The author uses an immense imagination by taking a box of found objects and creates a tale around them. You can see all of the items at I received an advance copy of this from the publisher and I am told the finished book is an absolute marvel. I had to go to the book's website to get the full effect of the items.The story itself is about romance and how flirtations are sometimes taken to the next level and is told through the found objects. The story actually has two romances going on. First between Trevor who becomes owned by the objects and Josianne, his clerk that gives him the box. Mirroring this attraction is the one of Louise and her husband that quickly leads to an affair with a new neighbor.I received this book at no charge from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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