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Zero Day - Mark Russinovich Zero Day explores what could happen if some hackers are turned to true evil by terrorists. It examines what could happen if a doomsday virus is sent to almost every computer in the western world and wonders if we are truly too dependent on them. Jeff, a computer analyst, leaves his government job after they fail to act on intelligence that could have prevented 9/11. He is called to help a law firm where a the doomsday virus has been triggered a month early by a wrong date in the system. Realizing that there are severe consequences to the virus he has found, he calls in another colleague from the government, Daryl. Jeff has always had feelings for her and the sparks fly again when they meet.The pair try to unravel the threat by finding clues buried within the code and when several people involved with finding the clues are murdered, Jeff and Daryl realize that this is much more serious than a simple hacker trying to make a name for himself. I never knew that unravelling computer code could be so sexy and thrilling! This one made my heart pound and was a real page turner! I loved how the author takes on the fact that we are so dependent on our computers and that fear translates well into a thriller. If you enjoy Michael Crichton and Stephen King, you are going to love this one.

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