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I Think I Love You - Allison Pearson Like the majority of teenage girls, Petra and Sharon have major crushes on the pop idol, David Cassidy at age 13. The first part of the book captures that essence of 13 year old girls everywhere as they long to fit in, yet stand out from the crowd. Petra and Sharon attend David's concert in White City where they have a chance encounter with Bill who isn't far from being in his teens himself. Bill takes on a job writing for a teen magazine all about David Cassidy and the story is told from these two points of view.The second part of the book deals with Petra as an adult where her life is a turning point. Her marriage is over, her mother has just died and she finds a letter that her mother has hidden from her all these years. The letter is a notice that she has won the ultimate David Cassidy prize: a trip to California to meet him. She decides that she is going to make good on the win, even though it is now years later. A magazine picks up on the story and becomes a sensation. Petra and Sharon return to their 13 year old selves and embark to meet their idol in Las Vegas. Without giving away too much, Bill adds some much needed humor to the story and provides some wonderful plot points. I think he is my favorite character!I adored Allison Pearson's other book, I Don't Know How She Does It and this one is a bit more deeper than that one. I thought that this one goes beyond typical chick lit fare since it exposes what most women try to hide in all their teen crushes and disappointments. The fact that Petra gets a "do-over" is that most of us would love to get a second chance. I really enjoyed this one and you should really pick up both of Allison's books since they are really excellent reads!

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