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Minding Ben - Victoria Brown Grace comes to New York as a sixteen year old in search for a better life and ends up as a child care provider to a four year old, Ben. She learns to grow up fast and deal with some strange and new customs like the daily nude photography of her pregnant employer. While most kids this age would decline, Grace realizes that she has limited choices and adapts. She must also deal with playground politics that would stun the most hardened business person. The story follows Grace through her adventures in New York and her falling in love with her four year old charge, Ben.I liked the story, but parts of it were slow for me. I found it interesting that there is a huge underground network of nannies from the islands south of the United States. The parents are caricatures of a typical New York power couple on their way up where the mother is self serving and the father a bit slimy. It also shined a light on the real point of the story, that these children become accessories and are raised by caregivers who actually care about them, which is more than the parents could ever do. I think the author is writing what she knows and the details show that this really is based on a reality so few of us know. I received this book from the publisher at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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