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Heads You Lose - Lisa Lutz,  David  Hayward Lisa Lutz and her ex, David Hayward collaborate on probably one of the quirkiest books I have ever read, but it is quirky in a good way. They alternate writing chapters which are interspersed with their emails discussing the plot and past personal history. Yes, it sounds weird, but it works. It is full of snark, snippy remarks and colorful language and those are just the notes between the authors. The story itself, actually has less violence.Paul and Lacey are orphaned when their parents die in a freak carbon dioxide accident and Paul develops a business selling marijuana to the locals in a sort of Weeds take off. There is a body left on their property with no head and when Paul and Lacey move the body, it turns back up on their doorstep. This sets off the plot in true Lisa Lutz fashion and wackiness ensues. There are several more murders, deaths and accidents that Lacey sets out to solve in true PI fashion. Paul discovers some unsavory facts about their small town as well. There is a bit of romance between Lacey and the new town doctor and Paul finds his match in a gimpy, genius, ex-exotic dancer. Of course, the two co authors wrap up the plot in a nice tidy package. If you like Lisa's Spellman Files, you won't be disappointed with this one.

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