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Finding Emilie - Laurel Corona This is a wonderful historical fiction novel that details the age of Enlightenment, an intellectual revolution that occurred in France during the late 1700's and the Revolution.. The story revolves around Lili, who is taken in by the de Bercy family after his mother dies while she is an infant. Lili's mother, ahead of her time, was a mathematician and lived an unconventional life. Lili tries to discover her mother's secrets and shows her intelligence at a time when woman are to be seen and not heard. Corona does an excellent job portraying society in pre-revolutionary France while describing the consequences of going against the community.This story also will have you enjoying math and physics and the author works them in seamlessly. I was really intrigued with some of the ideas put forth in the novel and probably spent way too much time looking them up. I found it interesting that Lili's tale really comes alive through the Meadowlark stories that appear throughout the book. The end of the book contains the completed works. If you enjoy Philippa Gregory and Jean Plaidy, you will love this one!

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