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Ten Beach Road - Wendy  Wax Three strangers are united in the most unlikely of ways. Madeline, a wife and stay at home mother, doesn't really have a life of her own and just when she thinks she might follow her own dreams, everything comes crashing down when she finds her financial-planner husband has been laid off after investing all of his clients' money in a Madoff-like fund. He even invested their own money there and lost everything. Avery has lost her job as the host of a cable home renovation show when she divorces her husband after being reduced to a sidekick and being outmaneuvered by her boss with her ex's help. Her father left her an inheritance which was invested in the same Ponzi scheme. Nikki, a matchmaker, also lost all of her money to her brother, the mastermind behind the fraud fund.The three are thrown together when they learn that they are co-owners of a historical mansion in Florida. Each of them make their way and with Avery's connections and knowledge of home and design, they decide to spend the summer there renovating the house in order to make a larger profit. Not only do they rebuild the house, but themselves both emotionally and financially although there are plenty of twist and turns to get to that point. Kyra, Maddie's daughter comes to help out as well, when she finds herself pregnant by a movie star while she is working on one of his films. I think Kyra, even though she is a minor character, became one of my favorite people in the group with her quiet prodding to get the best out of each woman and frame their developing friendship on film. Even though these women start out on shaky ground, they quickly become true friends and learn the value of themselves and friendship.I just adored this book and the writing. It is the perfect book for sitting on the beach with something cold to drink and never wanting to get up until you are finished. It is the perfect length to last all day. Each woman offers a different perspective on betrayal. Maddie realizes that she can stand on her own two feet and is much stronger than she thinks. Avery learns that she has more than good looks and can take care of herself as well as that a relationship should be a partnership. Nicole just does the right thing, but I won't tell you what that is, you will have to read the book to find that out. This would also make a wonderful book club selection since there are many dynamics that can be explored. I received this book from the author at no expense in exchange for my honest review.

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