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In Zanesville - Jo Ann Beard This book is such a love letter to the 70's which is a time I know well. I still can't figure out the name of the narrator, but I guess it might be "Jo" and maybe this book is a bit of memoir of the author. Jo is at that awkward period in every girls life which seems to happen around fourteen. Flea (Felicia), her best friend shares the horribleness of this age with Jo (the narrator). This should be a hit with adults as well as teens since it describes the angst and anguish that accompany this age. The girls are so unsure of themselves and it really hits that theme beautifully. There is also a great deal of humor that accompanies this coming of age story.Jo's father is a salesman and drinks which puts her family in a destitute situation as well as emotional turmoil. The girls are separate by cliques at school and also their families which almost brings about the end of their friendship. I loved how Jo and Flea go from Band Nerds to Popular and back again. This book will really hit you emotionally and I think most females will identify with the story. This is best suited for older teens and adults.

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