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Rubber Balls and Liquor - Gilbert Gottfried I read this book in just four hours and I didn't skip any parts. That is the biggest compliment I can give any book!Most memoirs are recollections of a person's history and Gilbert Gottfried remembers a lot of dirty jokes. Just to warn you, there are a lot of funny jokes and stories in this book and they do contain a few naughty words. I have always thought Gottfried is funny and I was hoping that this book would shine a light on his personal history, but like all comedians, it seems a joke is how they deal with their life and to distance themselves. There are quite a bit of personal asides and some laugh out loud moments in the book as well as some truly touching stories like his near death experience. I really enjoyed the few behind the scene looks at show business and like any up and coming star, how he was ripped off by people he hired to help him.I also haven't read a celebrity memoir where the writing actually sounds like the author and I could just imagine him delivering each line. I should have opted for the audio version of the book since it would have saved me the trouble of doing Gilbert's voice in my head. As weird as that sounds, I dare you to try to read this book without scrunching your face and whining just like him. There is a nice running joke through out the book dealing with the actual writing of the book that perfectly make fun of the whole author business.

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