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Dead Is Not An Option - Marlene Perez Daisy is now a senior in high school and waiting for her college acceptance letter. Strange things are happening again in Nightshade, especially with her friend Sam and Sam's father, who was her dad's partner at the University. Her father has survived his capture by the Scourge and accepts her were boyfriend Ryan with a bit more tolerance. She is trying hard to solve the mystery of Lil and Balthazar who were turned into a jukebox and pig respectively by the witch, Circe. There is someone who is trying to create tension between the vampire and werewolf communities and it is up to Daisy to figure out the source of crime. So Daisy, is off with the help of her sisters, Rose and Poppy to discover and put an end to the town's conflict.This is a quick read and enjoyable to follow Daisy through the clues and puzzles that confront her. It is wonderful to watch Daisy grow into her own and gain competence over her psychic abilities. Some of the characters could have been a bit more developed and I would have liked to read a bit more about her friend Sam. I really hope that we get to follow Daisy through her college years and see her develop her skills a bit more. This is a great series for reluctant readers since it is very easy to grasp and follow through with all of the characters. There is just a bit of kissing and maybe one bad word in the whole thing.

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