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Divergent  - Veronica Roth The story follows Beatrice Prior through a post apocalyptic Chicago where she has just turned sixteen and must decide whether to stay in her own faction (class) of Abegnation or move to a new one, severing all ties to her family in the process. Of her five choices of Abegnation, Erudite, Amity, Candor or Dauntless, she chooses Dauntless, the warrior class. If she fails the initiation, she will be factionless and forces to live outside society as a castoff. There is heart pounding action while Beatrice (now known as Tris), learns fighting, parcour and the use of weapons, all things that go against her peaceful family faction of Abegnation. Of course, she doesn't neatly fit into definition of Dauntless and the tests each teen is forced to take to an assessment test to determine where they belong. Tris tests Divergent which means she doesn't neatly fall into the government's rankings. The people accept things as they are until one in power becomes greedy and the factions are headed to war between themselves.This is probably one of the best books I have read this year and I cannot wait until the next in this trilogy is released. Even though it is almost 500 pages, it was a very quick read for me. I got the same feeling while I was reading the Hunger Games series and it is in very much of the same vein. I have heard that it also has been optioned for a movie which I think will be highly anticipated. Well, at least for me. I am leaving out the major spoilers, but this is just a wonderful read for teens over 14 since there is violence, a bit of kissing and some alcohol use.

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