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Ex-Girlfriends United  - Matt Dunn Jack and Beth share a summer romance 8 years prior and Beth never hears from Jack again which breaks her heart. Beth, in desperate need of a job, receives an offer from a firm where Jack is the CEO. Her family and financial life is crumbling after her mother dies, her father has an accident and her talented teenage sister wants to go to an expensive acting school. She settles into an unsatisfactory relationship with Marcus, who owns the local used car dealership. And yes, you are right in thinking all used car salesman are alike since I just felt icky even reading about him. After accepting the position, Beth finds her love and lust rekindled again being around Jack. The job as a travel planner is just exactly what Beth needs and she soon realizes that Marcus isn't what she needs. The minor characters in this book are spectacular. Freya (after Freya North, maybe?) is an extra sparkling star that provides a lot of comic relief and fun as the office assistance. She provides a reality check for Beth as well and can see that Beth and Jack belong together. Martha, Jack's personal assistant/mother-figure, knows how to run a tight ship and gets Jack exactly where he needs to be when it comes to Beth, even prodding Jack into hiring her. Oh, and throw in an ice queen in the form of Camilla (who is after Jack) just to make things interesting and get in the way of the reuniting couple. Sorry, but you have to read the book to get the full score.I simply adored this book. It gets everything right and you bond with the characters after only a few pages. You will dislike (ok, maybe even hate) Camilla and Marcus but even then Ashley redeems them and shows their human side. Beth and Jack just belong together and the chemistry between the two is perfect. The is also a perfect balance between dialogue and description which to me makes the planets align. I think I read this in about 3 hours, so it is perfect for the beach and even has a few exotic locations. I really want to go to Corsica now. If you are looking for pitch perfect beach reading, you can't do better than Wish You Were Here.

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