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I'm Kind of a Big Deal: And Other Delusions of Adequacy - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor Stephanie Wilder Taylor writes about her Hollywood days a bit in her latest memoir. Each chapter is a new opens to something that would be perfect for a television skit on a comedy variety show. This makes perfect sense since she used to write for television. She recounts her first big break when she appears in a Bob Dylan video where she has visions of being the featured dancer like Courtney Cox was in a Bruce Springsteen video. Her plan doesn't even come close since she ends up hanging around dancing for 12 hours and when she leaves, she finds her car is gone! She does meet Bob Dylan though and he is at least nice enough to explain that she parked in a tow zone.Most of the book revolves around her drinking issues, the how and why, combined with anecdotes that are funny and a bit sad at the same time. She really does have a way with words and you will find yourself pulled in by her writing style immediately. Each episode brings you immediately into her world and it doesn't matter that you have never heard of her before. It is like a friend of a friend who has that bigger than life personality and you want to hear everything they have to say. The parts I really enjoyed were her confessions about trying to be something she is not and realizing that it is ok to just be her.

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