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Creed's Honor - Linda Lael Miller Connor Creed has given up his dreams to follow in his uncle's footsteps and become a rancher in Lonesome Bend, CO. The name of the town is more than appropriate for Connor and when his wild twin brother, Brody, reenters his life, he finds himself longing for the rodeo dreams he put aside. Brody stole the love of his life, which for Connor is difficult and he has a hard time reconciling his emotions. Tricia McCall ends up in Lonesome Bend after her father dies and she takes over his trailer park. She intends to stay long enough to sell the property and move to Seattle. Her grandmother is moving behind the scenes to bring Tricia together with Connor. Things move slowly but surely and when a stray dog (Valentino) comes into Tricia's life along with a goddaughter named Sasha.Of course, I love a story where a dog and girl are the catalyst for a romance! I really enjoyed this one and look forward to the next book in this series. The book is pure and simple romance with a bit of angst and drama thrown in. There are some really wonderful dialogues in this book and the conversations are so natural and real that made the book very enjoyable. The minor character really added a much needed spice to the romance between Connor and Tricia.

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