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Fabulous Faces: From Motivation to Transformation Through Plastic Surgery - Peter A. Adamson I live in the land of Botox and it seems that everyone who lives around me has had some "work" done. This book is an excellent resource for those of us who are thinking about it, but haven't acted on it. The author, a Plastic Surgeon, goes step by step and explains what you should look for in a surgeon and what to expect during a procedure. Most importantly, he delves into the psychological reasons for wanting to fix something that you are not happy with like a nose or getting older. He also makes it "OK" to want to fix that sagging skin or crooked nose. I have wanted to do something since I hit that magic mark of age and found myself seriously contemplating doing "something" but the fear that I wouldn't look like me has held me back a bit. Dr. Adamson explains different procedures, what results you can expect before, during and after as well as which procedures are worthwhile. I was glad to see that one procedure I was considering was ruled out easily after reading that he didn't believe it was worth the money. I found the part on how to choose a surgeon especially helpful and that cold feet are part of the process. I am still looking for the money to have something done, but this book is an invaluable resource and I am glad I read it first before doing anything.

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