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Supernaturally - Kiersten White Evie has what she always wanted: a locker and a regular life. She is happy working her shifts at the diner, seeing her boyfriend, Lend and learning how to be normal. Normal becomes boring and when her ex-boyfriend, Reth, shows up along with some other disguised paranormals, things get weird quickly. Evie finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between the good and bad fairies, but finds when it comes to fairies, the are only shades of evil. Lend has gone to college and Evie has set her goal to get into to the same school so they can be together. Evie meets up again with Raquel and her new assistant, Jack, when she decides to help the IPCA again.I really enjoyed Evie spunky nature and snarky comments, but there is a bit lacking with Lend not always in the picture. Her vampire room mate does pick up some of the slack and the introduction of Jack, who at first is super annoying and becomes gallactically annoying by the end of the book. Jack (a human who grew up in Fairy) does provide some relief and makes Evie more human by forcing her to actually have a bit of fun and act like a child, things that she missed growing up at IPCA. There is a major twist and Evie finds out even more about her past. I thought this one was nicely done and left open a bunch of questions and paths for Evie to explore in another book.

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