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The Puppy Diaries: Raising a Dog Named Scout - Jill Abramson As any dog lover will tell you, they don't live long enough. When Jill Abramson loses her beloved terrier, Buddy, she waits and then finds a breed she thinks will be a perfect fit. She finds an Golden Retriever that steals her heart and brings him home. Scout is pure puppy, with quirks and needs that any dog owner forgets about when there dogs are older. Much like children, puppies need a lot of guidance and training. The story Abramson tells about Scout is humorous mixed with some great factual background on training and feeding a new puppy. Her story is one that is familiar to any dog owner (or parent, for that matter!). Am I feeding my puppy the right food and teaching them the proper manners? It is a lot of work and Abramson takes you through the ups and downs of raising a puppy.

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