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Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship - Gail Caldwell This book combines all of my favorite elements: dogs, friendship, memoirs and wonderful writing. The story that Gail Caldwell brings to life is how a dog connected her to Caroline Knapp, her best friend and confident and she survived her own life and that of losing her best friend to cancer. People rarely have a chance at such a deep friendship and when it does occur it is a miracle. This should have been a sad tale of loss, but Caldwell finds some really happy things to reminisce and relate. It will speak to anyone who has ever lost a loved one and had a dog right there to comfort them. I recently lost my mother to cancer and it happened much the same way that Caldwell had to deal with Knapp's death. I really wish I had this book when I was going through my own grief a few years ago. She so eloquently puts in words what I could not formulate in my own. Caldwell relates that even though she and Knapp had very different childhoods, they both made the same decisions that led them to become recovering alcoholics and fast friends. There is some sadness and loss in the story as the author relates her own recovery but overall, the story is a wonderful gift to readers. I would love to read more about her adventures with her dogs.

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