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Escape - Barbara Delinsky Who hasn't thought about tossing everything and just running away? This story starts out simply enough with a Emily, a corporate lawyer in New York, realizing her life isn't what she thought it would be. She loves her husband and like being a lawyer, but finds herself more on the side of those she is supposed to be defending her client against. Emily decides she has had enough and simply walks out--on everything. She ends up driving until she discovers herself in a familiar setting where her best friend from college, Vicky Bell, lives and runs a bed and breakfast. She settles into a routine, helping Vicky out and volunteering at an animal shelter.There the story becomes a legal drama and something happens that I wasn't expecting. Yes, I did expect her to meet Jude, the guy who broke her heart and Vicky's brother, but I never expected the part where she comes to the defense of the B&B's baker, Lee. This is where the story really goes into legal thriller as she helps Lee defend herself against evil relatives in order to keep an inheritance. There were parts of the book where I though the plot was not going anywhere and then this drama unfolds and becomes a page turner. The last part of the book is worth sticking around for. Overall, a good summer read with a bit of drama and romance.

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