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Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food - Brian O'Reilly When Angelina's husband dies of a massive heart attack at only forty and while sneaking a piece of her "Dream" cake, you would think she would be put off of cooking forever. But to Angelina, her cooking and baking gives meaning to her life. She obsessively creates new recipes and through her loves of food brings her new friends. This story should be really sad, but I found myself totally charmed by the characters that come to inhabit Angelina's dining room as she tries to make ends meet by serving food to several bachelors with questionable eating habits. These men come to encourage her through their friendship and she keeps them in line with her food. It wonderful to read something encouraging and have happiness appear through unlikely places and people. This book is not leaving my house and deserves a place of honor among my cookbooks! The story is interwoven with wonderful recipes that help tell Angelina's story and will have your mouth watering just reading them. The recipes go into detail that a lot of cookbooks don't even begin to cover with step by step instructions that are easy to follow. You can tell that the author truly loves food and I really wonder which came first: the recipes or the story. If you are a fan of food and looking for something a bit different for your book group, I think this one should be at the top of your list. It would be really fun to make a few of the recipes for your book club meeting.

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