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Secrets of the Crown (The Familiars, #2) - Adam Jay Epstein,  Andrew Jacobson The story picks up four weeks after the Familiars leaves off. The Loyals and the Familiars are now being educated in magical defensive arts when there is a flash of green light disenchanting the human Loyals who lose their abilities to cast spells and which leaves the animals as the only magical creatures. As part of a prediction that the animal will now rule, the Familiars must now race to save the humans against the evil intentions of the queen's familiar, Paksahara who has tried to overthrow her in her quest to dominate the humans. The go on a quest to find The Crown of the Snow Leopard and Aldwyn finds his fathers footsteps which they follow. This leaves the Loyals behind fighting for their lives with hand to hand combat.There is a lot of action in this follow up to The Familiars and we find the threesome matching wits and talents against a series of evil creatures such as goblins, a creature that can turn you to crystal by the touch of his tail and Aldwyn's uncle, who clearly is on another path in this quest. When Malvern, Aldwyn's uncle, escapes, there is a big opening for another one in this series and I can't wait to read what happens next. This story will appeal to kids of all ages and especially those a bit too young for Harry Potter. If you enjoyed the Spiderwick Chronicles, you will love this one. I also just read that a move of the first book is going to be made.

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