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Garden of Secrets - Barbara Freethy LOVED IT***slight spoilers***You would think have two men attracted to you would be a good thing, but for Charlotte, the local OBGYN, it has thrown her world into a tailspin. After being back in Angel's Bay for a year after what she had hoped would be a quick visit has turned more permanent. Andrew, her boy friend from high school has reappeared back in her life and she agrees to meet him at the New Year's eve party given by her rival's sister. This is the guy who cheated on her and is now the local minister. At this same party, Joe, the town's chief of police is there and she is extremely attracted to him. So, what should Charlotte do? Well, when the hostess is almost murdered and Charlotte is found with the body and covered in blood, things get really sticky. Especially since this was the sister of the girl who cheated with Andrew! So when Pamela shows up to help her sister, things get even worse. There are some seriously fun moments in this story Joe is spending a lot of time going over the case with her and I got the sense that he would like to review a bit more than the case. The wonderful thing about this series is that you don't need to read them in order to enjoy them. The books each stand on their own and yes, some of the characters overlap in the series, but that doesn't detract from any of the stories. This is just a fun and super quick read filled with a bit of sex, mystery and tension.

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