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Wunderkind: A Novel - Nikolai Grozni Konstantin is a child prodigy, playing the piano perfectly from a young age. He is sent to the best music academy in Bulgaria at the end of the Cold War right before the fall of the communist party. The story covers about two years of his life at age 16 and details the horrific abuse and hopelessness of the people during the late Eighties. The world Grozni has created seems almost out of a fantasy novel and it is hard to imagine a place where simple freedoms that we take for granted are nonexistent. The simple act of playing jazz is met with swift punishment and forced confessions of his unworthiness. As Konstantin finds himself rebelling against those in power, from his parents to the school teachers, he acts out and tries to lose himself in a daze of sex and alcohol ending up in a mental intuition before finally escaping into the real revolution taking place on the streets.Each chapter begins with a music piece to set the tone and mood. I really wish that the book had come with a cd or playlist to listen to while reading since it would really enhance the story. It seems the story is based somewhat on the author's personal experience and I know even less about Bulgaria and that era than I should. This story truly enlightened me to the horrors that occurred in this era and location. It is not an easy book to read at times and even though there is a major surge in post apocalyptic novels for teens, this one proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

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