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Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs We are first introduced to Gretchen, who is quite busy attending high school during the day and kicking demon butt at night. Gretchen has pretty much been abandoned by who she thinks are her parents. Then we meet geeky Grace who knows she is adopted and has a loving family. Her family moves to San Francisco in order for her to attend a prestigious private school where her already stellar computer skills can be improved. Finally, Greer is tracked down after Gretchen and Grace meet and start putting things together after they meet in a nightclub and recognize they look just alike. Greer has no clue she is adopted by her rich parents and thinks the monsters she has been seeing are some kind of mental breakdown. All three girls are descended from Medusa and have special gifts. Each have seen monsters appear during their childhood and how each deals with it is very telling. Gretchen kicks their butt, Grace pushes the thoughts away while Greer buries them.The set up for this trilogy is just brilliant and I can't wait until the next one is released next fall. This is a much more mature book than Childs' other books and probably better suited for teens since there is some violence and language. Parental control is pretty much on the back burner here as well, but in order for the story to work, it is necessary. I mean, how can you kick demon butt if you always have to be home in time for dinner? There is so much empowerment for these three teens and I have my fingers crossed that the next installment will continue to show their growth, both physically and mentally. I really liked how each one of the triplets is a unique individual, yet still have traits that are common among them. This promises to be a wonderful trilogy!

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