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The Popularity Rules - Abby McDonald Kat looses her music journalist job just as her former BFF from high school returns to her life. What Kat doesn't know is that Lauren had dumped her as a friend when she discovered a book called The Popularity Rules much like those *RULES* books on how to get a guy. Now, Lauren is back to make amends and help Kat discover her inner popularity. Each chapter starts with a bit of wisdom from the book. Kat goes through an extreme makeover of personality, career and appearance which help propel her into a whole new lifestyle. The chapters headings are actually pieces of advice which might really work, but I imagine that they are a bit sarcastic at the same time. There are some real gems mixed in the snark like: Chapter 33 "Like it or not, nothing stays the same, and neither should you."After a bit of research, I found that this is the author's second book and first adult story. Kat and Lauren both seem stuck in their teen years when they ultimately discover that you must remain true to yourself to be happy. Overall, the story will leave you feeling good and you might even try a few of the rules yourself. I really wonder if the chapter headings are part of some actual book on popularity. I really enjoyed this one and it is a super pick me up story that should appeal to those who love Rachel Johnson and Jane Green.

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