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A Lawman's Christmas (McKettricks, Book 14) - Linda Lael Miller Clay McKettrick takes a job as the new of Blue River, Texas, a town fallen on hard times. He meets the deceased Marshall's wife, Dara Rose (love that name!) and her two young daughters. Dara is trying to decide how she can survive and not give up her daughters. The story takes place in the early 1910's, so given the date, what happens next is extremely feasible. She marries the new Marshall out of convenience which is actually to both their advantage since Clay needs someone to keep his home. It is the children who steal this book though. Edrina is a hoot when she tells Clay exactly how her father the arms of another woman in an upstairs room at the local saloon. There are more great one liners from her and her sister Harriet. So the story is an age old tale, especially in historical fiction, but as always, it is the author who can put a twist on it and make it fresh. The children really sparked me in this one. Clay is a decent guy and pretty enlighten for this time period. Dara is more than his match and it is just wonderful to watch them grow together. This is a nice addition to her Western stories and the perfect tie in for the holidays!

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